Guess Who’s Against Gay Marriage? The Ex-Wife Of NJ’s Famous Gay Governor

So, guess who praised New Jersey’s recent decision not to legalize gay marriage? Why, Dina Matos, the scorned ex-wife of Jim McGreevey, New Jersey’s former governor who was caught having a homosexual affair and famously came out as a “gay American,” of course!

Back in 2004, Matos (formerly Dina Matos McGreevey) claimed not to know her husband was gay and divorced him amidst the scandal. (McGreevey resigned as governor and is now studying to be an Episcopal priest. What can I say? It’s a weird state.) Anyway, recently, Matos told The Daily Record newspaper she believes the definition of marriage is between a man and a woman and she is glad NJ didn’t legalize same-sex marriage.

Oh, Dina. We feel for you, we really do. But why all the hate? The problem isn’t gay marriage, Dina. The problem is your lying, cheating ex-husband who never told you he slept with dudes! Gay folks just want to be able to marry someone who is having a secret affair behind their back and lying to them about their sexuality too. [MSNBC]