This One’s For The Boys

Among the plethora of relationship self help books that line an entire shelf of my best friend’s apartment, sits The Manual ($10.04 at Amazon). After scanning the table of contents and sifting through the pages, I came across one piece of advice that I had to take a second look at: Dress to men’s fantasies, and do it subtly. Could this be the reason I was still single? Because I didn’t look like a naughty librarian or a French maid when I went out? I decided to put this hypothesis to the test. I spent five nights in adult dress-up, playing to every guy’s porn-worthy pipe dreams.
What I Wore:

  • Michael Korrs black studded top

  • Leather mini skirt from Nordstrom
  • BCGC open toe studded bootie

Every girl loves a bad boy, so why wouldn’t every guy feel the same way about bad girls? My biker chick ensemble scored me major glances at a favorite 3rd avenue bar. After noticing a few once-overs, the fellas started to gather nerve and make some moves. Good news: a sexy twist on black and studs will get you hit on. Bad news: Unless you’re into over-confident, in it for the one night stand types, don’t expect to be asked out in a leather mini.
Verdict: Biker chick will get you attention, but not necessarily the kind you want.

What I Wore:

  • Plaid button blouse from LF Stores

  • Zipper skinny jeans from Forever 21
  • Brown Charlotte Ronson slouchy boot

A dinner with friends called for a more casual look, so I channeled the wild wild west. Apparently city boys don’t appreciate a gal who can lasso. The most action I got was my friend Claire’s three-finger evaluation of my shirt’s fabric. However, after the waiter forgot to take the bacon out of my risotto (I’m a vegetarian) he comped my glass of chardonnay, which I am interpreting as a come-on.
Verdict: Keep the cowgirl with the girlfriends.

What I Wore:

  • White lace TopShop dress

  • Black fishnet stockings
  • Black Christian Louboutin pumps

I’m convinced fishnets have magical powers. As this softened take of a french maid, all ll I had to do was cross my legs and allow my finely-clad calfs to do the talkin’. After a few days of blackberry messaging I met the night’s big winner for thai food, and while I might not be going out with him again, the stockings are another story.
Verdict: Dress like a parisian housekeeper for a little je ne sais quoi.

What I Wore:

  • Yellow Forever 21 skirt

  • Lace Turtleneck from Express
  • Black Christian Louboutin pumps

I took the opportunity to strut a pencil skirt at a wine bar. Sophisticated but fun, it seemed like the perfect place to pull of the naughty librarian. There wasn’t much room for mingling, but I swapped a few partners on the dance floor who didn’t seem to mind the lacey-yellow mix.
Verdict: If you plan on containing cleavage, high-waisted and knee-length should stay in the office.

What I Wore:

  • Grey pleated skirt from The Gap

  • Black tank top from H&M
  • White sweater wrap from Saks 5th Ave.
  • J.Crew flower hair tie
  • Black patent leather Manolo Blahnik mary janes.

We have a winner! There was not a man I met who wasn’t drooling over my school girl antics. A giggle here, and a hair twist there paired with my Catholic school garb was irresistible. That’s the last time I mock the One More Time video- Britney knew what she was doing.
Verdict: Gotta love a girl in uniform.