Brangelina And Other Celebs Donating Mega-Bucks To Haiti Relief Effort

Aid groups from around the world are working tirelessly—racing against the clock—to rescue survivors, provide medical relief, food, and water after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti on Tuesday. It is still unclear what the death toll will be (it’s estimated that it could be hundreds of thousands) or how severe the damage is, but reports and horrifying images from the ground indicate major destruction and chaos everywhere. Obama promised $100 million in immediate relief and even deployed 3,500 US Army members to assist, our most heroic relief effort since the tsunami in Indonesia. But communication is still limited and people are still searching for loved ones, like “Heroes” cast member and Haitian native Jimmy Jean-Louis. He is trying to find his parents after he learned that the house he grew up in collapsed, killing several relatives. So sad.

To help, many celebs have stepped up to offer big bucks for the cause.

  • Leading the way, humanitarians Brangelina put their money where their mouths are and announced on Wednesday that they would donate $1 million to Doctors Without Borders. With Brangelina’s dough, the organization will be able to send additional emergency staff to set up a 100-bed operating facility. In a statement Brad said, “We understand the first response is critical to serve the immediate needs of countless people who are now displaced from their homes, are suffering trauma, and most require urgent care.”[CNN, NY Daily News]
  • Haiti native Wyclef Jean was one of the first to lend a hand. He flew out to help on Tuesday and is spearheading a campaign by celebrities to get their Twitter followers to donate to the aid effort. He’s set up a page for donations on his Yele Haiti Foundation website [Mirror]
  • Whenever the Big O gets behind a cause, it usually means big bucks. Winfrey began her television talk show Wednesday by asking viewers to donate to the Red Cross. “This is a time where we, as a global nation, should come together and support those who are in need,” she pleaded. [Yahoo]
  • Media mogul Ted Turner, founder of the United Nations Foundation, donated $1 million to victims of the Haiti quake and urged others to do the same. [Examiner]
  • The New York Yankees want to hit the Haiti relief effort out of the park. They donated $500,000 and hope it will inspire others to do the same. [NY Daily News]
  • Coldplay’s Chris Martin didn’t waste any time in responding to Oxfam’s call for relief fund in Haiti. [MSN]
  • Actress Olivia Wilde is getting creative about fundraising for Haiti. She has promised to send a personalized thank-you video to anyone who donates $200 or more to Artists for Peace and Justice. [Hair on the Brain]
  • Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG is donating $250,000 to Partners in Health and Doctors Without Borders. [Livestrong Blog]

Here’s to Haiti healing, though it will be a long, hard road.