Urban Outfitters Has Its Own Version Of Trashgate

Just a week ago, the world learned that in addition to Walmart, H&M stores (in NYC at least) destroy unsold clothes instead of donating the perfectly good, unused items to charity and those in need. Disgusting? Yes. H&M released a statement claiming this would never happen again, but not only have they recently repeated the offense, it seems we have yet another brand to worry about. A writer for Treehugger passed by Urban Outfitters on 14th Street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan and found boxes full of “paperbacks, headphones, hats, calendars, posters, silly home decor items, and many many cheap sneakers.” Each box was labeled “Broken Glass,” which would deter most from opening, but once passersby realized the contents were anything but, the items were up for grabs. A desperate saleswomen eventually called the cops, claiming the boxes were meant for charity. Explain, please, the need to label them broken glass then? Sounds to me like we have a new Trashgate to deal with — and another store to ban from my shopping list. [Treehugger]