Today’s Lady News: Help Victims Of Haiti’s Devastating Earthquake

  • We’ve all been watching news about the earthquake in Haiti and we here at The Frisky hope all our readers’ family and friends are safe. For those of you who want to help, text “Haiti” to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross for Haiti relief. You’ll be charged on your next phone bill and 100 percent of the money goes to the Red Cross. [American Red Cross]
  • If there was a doubt in your mind, yes, those two fashion-centered video games appearing this spring are targeted at you. []
  • And now in Today’s Dude News: scientists say the Y chromosome is evolving faster than the rest of the human genetic code. Let’s just keep this news to ourselves, ‘kay, ladies? [MSNBC]

  • The Army filed charges against Specialist Alexis Hutchinson, a 21-year-old cook who did not show up for deployment to Afghanistan because she said she couldn’t find reliable care for her 10-month-old son. Hutchinson skipped her flight from Savannah, Georgia, claiming that her mother was the only relative who could care for her son and she was overwhelmed with responsibilities. If convicted, Hutchinson faces prison time and dishonorable discharge. [MSNBC]
  • Mississippi’s Lieutenant Governor is helping an anti-abortion group called Personhood Mississippi get enough signatures to put a fetal “personhood amendment” on the ballot. [Miami Herald]
  • The police chief of Fayetteville, North Carolina, said his department does not tell the public the true number of reported sexual assaults in the area because it would cause “a public panic.” Uhh, isn’t that part of the idea? [Asheville Citizen-Times]
  • Women’s rights will be high on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s agenda as she travels in the South Pacific this week. [New York Times]


  • “How To Look Good Naked … With A Difference” debuts in the U.K. next week. In the TV show, stylist Gok Wan will help pick out looks for women with disabilities. “There’s not enough information for women with disabilities,” Wan told the Times of London. “There’s no one saying ‘these are the cuts for you’, not enough merchandising and signage, nothing in the windows, and you never see a disabled model or mannequin.” He has a point. [Times of London]
  • The U.K’.s Secretary of Health said he would support a ban on the use of tanning beds by children under age 18. [BBC]