The New York Health Department Wages War On Salt

Because the New York City Health Department hates friendship, they are waging a war against salt. They’ve already gone after trans-fats and fast food, so it was only natural that they took on the last factor that determines whether something tastes good. They’re encouraging restaurants and national companies to voluntarily lower their salt content, with the goal of lowering the country’s salt intake by 20 percent over the next five years. An average American consumes 3,400-3,500 milligrams of salt daily while they only need about 1,500. Doctor Sonia Angell from the NYC Department of Health says, “Salt is a huge problem in our diets. The majority of us consume too much salt, which increases blood pressure and puts us at risk for heart attack and stroke.” She insists that cutting the sodium won’t be a problem for the consumer. “If salt is reduced gradually, we won’t notice a difference in our palate,” she says. “Our palate will adjust and we’ll enjoy foods as much as we do now.” Bloody hell we will. My palate’s practically pickled with brine. When I tried to drink low sodium V8, I was majorly grossed out … same with low sodium Campbell’s soup. Not to be a hater, but I’d kind of rather drink/eat water if I’m going to be consuming something tasteless. I appreciate the New York Health Department’s concern, but come on. Does anyone want to join me in a protest? [CNN]

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