Prepare To Cry: What Celebrities Make For Twittvertizing

In an effort to drive unemployed people totally insane, The Daily Beast has compiled a list of how much celebrities get paid to Tweet. We already told you that Kim Kardashian makes at least $10,000 every time she tweets about a company. And let me refresh your memory: You were majorly bummed out about it. After the jump, prepare to calculate how many 140-character sentences you’d need to compile to buy a house, if only you were famous.

  • Soulja Boy (@souljaboytellem) — $10,000 and up. Even though he hasn’t really done anything since 2007 when “Crank That” hit YouTube and everyone tried to do the Superman, he still gets paid the big bucks.
  • Dr. Drew Pinsky (@drdrew) — $10,000 and up. When he’s not playing the shining star on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab,” Dr. Drew name drops Sonos music systems and Gogo’s in-flight Wi-Fi in an apparently not so subtle way.
  • Samantha Ronson (@samantharonson) — $7,000-$10,000. Even though SamRo has only been on Twitter since March, she has almost five times the followers as Lindsay Lohan. God knows why.
  • Greg Grunberg (@greggrunberg) — $7,000-$10,000. The “Heroes” police officer tweets about the Yowza iPhone application all day and is a self-proclaimed Twitter DILF. For the record, you can’t self-proclaim yourself a DILF. Someone has to agree.
  • Khloe Kardashian (@KhloeKardashian) — $5,000- $10,000. My favorite Kardashian is eventually going to lose that honor if she doesn’t shut up about Quick Trim.
  • Lauren Conrad (@LaurenConrad) — $5,000- $10,000. “The Hills” are still alive with the sound of Lauren Conrad’s self-promotion.
  • Kourtney Kardashian (@KourtneyKardash) — $5,000- $10,000. Kourtney is becoming the least annoying Kardashian because she isn’t endorsed by Quick Trim. She does mention Body Factory smoothies sometimes, but she’s mostly pretty real.
  • Audrina Patridge (@OfficialAudrina) — $5,000- $10,000. Audrina mostly tweets about “The Hills,” both about being on it and watching it. Narcissist.
  • Kendra Wilkinson (@KendraWilkinson) — $5,000- $10,000. Kendra mostly talks about what tabloids she’s on or when her show’s coming out on DVD. Hopefully motherhood will slow her down though.
  • Brody Jenner (@BRODYJENNER) — $5,000-10,000. Brody blabs about sports nonstop and suspiciously mentions movie promos for movies he hasn’t seen but thinks you should.
  • Lo Bosworth (@LoBosworth) — $5,000-10,000. I still don’t really get what Lo’s about, but at the same time, I’m not really bothered by that since I don’t actually watch “The Hills” unless there are no “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” re-runs on.
  • Kris Jenner (@KeepinUpWKris) — $5,000-10,000. Momma Kardashian is kinda like a cheerleader who just talks about her kids all the time but does cute stuff on the show, like accidentally sending Kim’s sexy private calender for Reggie Bush off to the printers to get sold in stores.
  • Aubrey O’Day (@AubreyODay) — $5,000-10,000. I guess people care about Aubrey because she was in Diddy’s girl group Danity Kane. Now she tweets mostly naked pictures of her butt on Twitter.
  • Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome) — $5,000-10,000. Whatever he gets paid, it’s not enough because Stephen Colbert is beautiful.
  • Fake Robert Pattinson (@fakerpattz) — $1,000-5,000. It’s not even the real Robert Pattinson for crying out loud!!! Give me a break!

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