Pop Star Ke$ha Caught On Tape Stealing From Charity

This vid is of Ke$ha, a new pop music sensation, “trash shopping” in a clothing donation bin. Um, yuck. When your first two singles are number one and two on the iTunes charts, you don’t get to steal stuff from a charity. But this isn’t the malicious work of some paparazzi — Ke$ha posted the vid on YouTube herself with the note: “Would you or have you ever digged through trash?” Since when is that cashmere sweater set you took been trash? The worst part is when Ke$ha leaves without picking up all the clothes she tossed on the floor, because she’s so friggin’ spoiled. We’ve all heard success can go to your head, but shouldn’t you still have a heart? [She’s worse than H&M and Urban Outfitters! — Editor] [WOW Report]