Line The Inner Rim Of Your Eyes Without Making A Teary Mess

Blake Lively and her gorge eyes — thanks to her perfectly lined inner rims — hit the town last night, above. We’ve talked about lining the inner rim of your eyes before, and I’m all about it, but, there’s one problemo: My eyes tear up something crazy and I can’t keep my eyeliner in place. To solve that rather irritating (literally and figuratively) issue, I got to testing out possible solutions and I think I’ve discovered the secret!Here’s what I figured out: First, to cope with the tear-runny-eyeliner factor and since the inner rim of your eye is so freaking delicate, use a liquid- or gel-based eyeliner to reduce drag and irritation. And another key: Use a waterproof formula. Now, after lining, be sure to set your liner: Use an angled eyeshadow brush to dab powdered shadow or translucent powder over the liner. What else works, folks? I know you’ve got a few tricks up your sleeve, too!