Hair Model Citizen: Jennifer Connelly’s Evening Pony

Last night, actress Jennifer Connelly sported a chic and simple ponytail that wins the we-all-can-do-it Hair Model Citizen award. Love how she worked with her hair’s natural texture and didn’t fall into the trap of some elaborate updo for a more low-key event and night out. Oh, and I clearly adore that I can so easily be a hair copycat! Here’s how to get her look… Blow-dry hair, paying special attention to blasting the roots at the crown of your head for volume. Lightly pull hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Pull out a small section of hair at the very bottom of the ponytail. Secure with an elastic. Now, take the loose section of hair and wind it around the elastic to cover—stop wrapping when you have about three inches left loose. (Can’t wind hair around without getting the ends of hair sticking out? Undo once.) Pin underneath, running pins parallel to your ponytail. Start one pin from the neck and another from the pony-side to ensure no strands of hair escape! Spray lightly with hairspray to keep flyaways at bay. [New York City, 1/12/10]