Baby Talk With Sarah And Bristol Palin

If you happen to pass a newsstand today and venture by a stack of In Touch magazines, do not worry—no one stole the Palins’ film from a Sears Portrait Studio. No, Sarah and Bristol, along with babies Trig and Tripp, posed for the cutesy cover shot, in which Tripp sticks his fingers in little Trig’s ear. They also invited a reporter into their home for an exclusive interview. Alas, the story is mostly a puff piece where Bristol says groundbreaking things like, “We’re both moms at the same time. It has brought us closer together.” (Side note: If your mom had a baby a year before you and named him “Trig,” wouldn’t you probably have picked something not quite as close as “Tripp”?) Still, the story does tell us a few interesting things:

  1. Bristol is working full-time at a doctor’s office while attending business classes at night.
  2. She’s filed for sole custody of Tripp.
  3. She’s mastered the art of the crown poof, just like her mama.
  4. Sarah is currently taking kickboxing classes with her friends.
  5. The one thing the Palin clan can compromise on is enjoying “The Office.”
  6. Both Sarah and Bristol both say the word “awesome” an awful lot.

On the final page of the story, Bristol assures us that she is done with the whole sex thing. “I’m not going to have sex [Again? — Editor] until I’m married,” she says. “I can guarantee it.” Yeah, I feel like I’ve heard that before. Maybe someone should tell her about these crazy things called condoms?