Today’s Lady News: Anne Frank’s Protector, Miep Gies, Dead At 100

  • Miep Gies, who helped shelter Anne Frank’s family, died yesterday at 100. After their Amsterdam hiding spot was busted by police, Gies, a secretary in the office where Frank’s family hid, rounded up Anne’s papers and locked them in a drawer. She claimed she never read Anne’s diary both because she did not want to abuse the teenager’s privacy, but also because she would have been tempted to burn any evidence about who hid the Jewish family from the Nazis. The Diary of a Young Girl was published in 1947 by Otto Frank, Anne’s father, the only family member to survive the concentration camps. [NPR]

  • Scott Brown, the Republican senatorial candidate to fill the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, filed a measure in 2005 that would allow hospitals to refuse to dispense emergency contraception to rape victims if they had religious objections. Brown refused to answer a question about filing the measure in a recent debate. [Boston Globe]
  • This is insane: Jebidiah James Stipe, a Marine stationed in California, used Craiglist to get some random dude to rape his ex-girlfriend. Stipe allegedly posted a Craigslist ad pretending to be his ex-girlfriend requesting someone help her act out a rape fantasy. A man named Ty Oliver McDowell responded, received the victim’s address from Stipe, went to her house and assaulted her. Some people deserve to have the internet taken away from them forever. [Jezebel]
  • Feministing posted parts of an email from an anti-abortion protester who has a beef with clinic escorts. Silly, silly beef. [Feministing]
  • According to the World Health Organization, 46 percent of mothers in China give birth via C-section, making it the world’s highest rate. In the U.S., 31 percent of mothers these days have a C-section, an all-time high for our country. The WTO warned that performing the surgery unnecessarily may put women’s health at risk. [NBC News]
  • Italy will allegedly open its first prison for the country’s 60 transgendered inmates. Presently, transgendered inmates are housed in women’s prisons and segregated for their own safety. [BBC]