Starbucks Gets A Fancy Makeover

The yuppification of the yuppified has begun! It seems it wasn’t enough for Starbucks to infiltrate every neighborhood in America in the ’90s with its mass market gentrified style, but now they’re revamping that. In an attempt to make the brand feel more “local,” the company has been conducting makeovers on a few branches to feel out different styles. Pictured above is a Seattle store that’s been outfitted with regal red upholstery and dark wood furniture to give the place a manor-like quality. Another design goes for a crunchier, Pottery Barn aesthetic with earth tones and contemporary art.

While the Starbucks goal may be to convert coffee to café to lure in more customers, another aspect involves becoming a more sustainable empire. (Although, wouldn’t such a big undertaking require a huge amount of resources?) We’re not sure how this would change our feelings towards our morning cuppa just yet. You? [New York Times]