Style 911: How Do I Cover Up My Arms Without Looking Frumpy?

“I’m a pretty confident woman but one thing that I really hate is my arms. I try to cover them up with cardigans but that can look frumpy. Any advice?” – mmkw

Though we are huge cardigan fans here at The Frisky, they’re not always the ideal way to cover up, particularly if you’re self-conscious about your arms. After the jump, we’ll take a magical tour through the world of cardigan alternatives.
Instead of a fitted cardigan, aim for something more tailored that will give your arms a definite shape. A cropped, fitted jacket with a three-quarter length or long sleeve is great for fall and winter. [$50, Topshop]

You don’t have to write off cardigans entirely, just make sure you’re not buying ones that are too tight or short. [$49.50, Gap]

Balance out thick upper arms with a strong shoulder. [$345, Diane Von Furstenberg, Bergdorf Goodman]

And now, a few final thoughts before you go on your merry way to find cover-ups galore: Ruffled sleeves (especially short ones) call attention to the area you’re trying to hide, potentially making you look like a line backer if your upper arms aren’t particularly thin. Cap sleeves, however, are far worse, hitting in the least flattering possible spot.