Prepare For The “Stylish” New Jersey Reality Show

Sadly, the day will come when everyone’s new favorite reality show must end. Until next season, we’ll be without fist pumps and boardwalk fights, but thanks to the Oxygen Network, the fashions of the guidettes are coming to your television in a new reality show called “Jersey Couture.” A formal dress store in Freehold, NJ called Diane & Co. signed up to share their dirty fashion details with the world, and if the description of their services is any indication of the entertainment we’re about to receive, well, you’ll be DVR-ing this show in no time. The store boasts a “Back Room,” where staff can re-create dresses from designers, which start at the low price of $2,000. Each prom dress sold comes with the guarantee that no other girl from your high school will be allowed to buy the same style. And as a final little extra: the staff will even accompany you on the big day as part of their Fluff Me package, to provide hair, makeup, and day of services. We can see the fashion tantrums flying already, and if this dress from the store’s site tells us anything, it should be a wild ride. [MTV]