Our Favorite Post-Holiday Deals

Let’s face it — shopping in January can be a lot more fun than shopping during the madness of the holidays. For one thing, the pressure to find everyone the perfect gift has been lifted, and most stores have slashed prices off the inventory in an effort to clear space for their spring stock. It can be the perfect time of year to find classic investment pieces for one’s home or wardrobe, or even fun pieces you wouldn’t want to pay the full price for. Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge, one of our favorite design blogs, took the New York Times shopping with her recently and found some great post-holiday deals on some super cute home stuff. I especially like the melamine tray she found at Fishs Eddy for under 8 bucks. So, I’m wondering: What have been your biggest finds this month (or in Januarys past)? On Sunday, I found this ridiculous faux fur coat at a flea market for 15 bucks. It’s not something I’ll wear on an everyday basis, so I wouldn’t have spent much more on it, but I like that it’s warm and fun and sort of glamorous all at the same time — perfect for a wintery night out on the town in NYC. I probably could have gotten it cheaper if I’d tried to bargain, but I figured the woman who sold it to me had to suffer in the cold all day and deserved all the money she could make. That brings me to another good point: Be sure to hit the outdoor flea markets this time of year for good bargains. The competition isn’t as steep and the vendors will be more apt to cut deals in an effort to make their day in the cold worthwhile. [NY Times]