Ketchup Chocolate May Be The Next Big Thing In Fast Food

OK, so it’s not exactly ketchup-flavored chocolate, but a chef has discovered a way to make ketchup that easily coats foods in a similar way as chocolate. For some reason, Dave Arnold had the goal of developing a ketchup-substance that had the consistency, texture, and spreadability of chocolate and he’s found success. He says the ketchup chocolate is hard, shiny, and melts in your mouth like chocolate. I’m not a fan of ketchup, but this sounds an awful lot like a meatloaf spread, no? Still, I’d be willing to try the chicken morsels above, but the egg yolk bon-bons, not so much. This could be the next revolution in fast food. See more photos after the jump. [Impact Lab]

Egg Yolk Bon-Bons

Ketchup-coated Potato Chip