Jessica’s Style Diary: Tuesday

What I Am Wearing Today:

  • H&M black studded sweater
  • Anthropologie frilly, purple tank
  • Zara gray miniskirt
  • H&M black leggings
  • Baker’s boots
  • bunny necklace from
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs heart ring

This is my comfy, cotton-y, “I feel too lazy to make an effort” outfit: leggings, tank top, cute sweater. I probably wear this outfit twice a week! I can’t count how many compliments this sweater gets and I’m shocked that I’ve thrown it in the washing machine five or six times but the beading hasn’t come undone. Sometimes H&M will really surprise you.

Plus, I love how the skirt or sweater could both be dressed up if they needed to be, or they can just look casual for The Frisky’s not-at-all-formal offices. That’s definitely the best part about this job: the casual attire.