Here’s A Panda With Enviable Fashion Sense

Most people keep their love of animals and fashion separate (except for the morons who created these disturbing ads). But for Chinese art student, Ben Liu, the two go hand in hand in a perfectly adorable way. He created Benda, a panda with style and class, not to mention a closet full of Yves Saint Laurent. The sweet creature parades around in a Mondrian dress with matching background, and poses in the different outfits, all while showing off her cute little ears. It’s kind of the most precious thing I’ve seen in a while. But YSL isn’t this little panda’s only obsession. She dresses up as Andy Warhol sometimes, or Marilyn Monroe, and even Audrey Hepburn. Why a panda? Who knows, but Liu has been known to sport a fuzzy-eared hat around town. [Trend de la Creme]