Georgia Jagger Does Versace, Then Retires?

Georgia Jagger’s what they’re calling “a real Versace girl.” (In Donatella’s words herself: “She’s smart, a strong personality, beautiful, full of energy … She’s perfect for this collection — a real Versace girl.”) Shot by Mario Testino, Georgia’s campaign for the label’s spring 2010 collection just came out, and the images prove that she’s moving in a more professional direction. The teen model has had a real mixed bag year, both inciting controversy with her topless Hudson Jeans ad and gaining recognition by being honored with the Model of the Year Award. With the unveiling of this Versace ad, you’d think Jagger would keep the momentum going, but things are actually slowing down—she’s taken leave of the business for a while to concentrate on school. (Be cool! Models stay in school. Besides, everyone else is quitting their jobs!)

Of course, whenever models announce they’re “quitting,” you know that’s really code for “I’ll be back in, like, five months.” So you can probably expect to see more of Georgia Jagger—just not right away. [Fashion Gone Rogue, Vogue UK]