“Bachelor” Castoff Says Her Personal Life Isn’t Anyone’s Business

On last night’s SHOCKING episode of “The Bachelor,” something interesting happened. When it was revealed that Rozlyn had an “inappropriate” relationship with an ABC staff member, her defense was: “I don’t think my personal life is anyone’s business.” At first, I snorted. But then I realized she had a point. Even Chris Harrison, the show’s host, seemed taken aback. “The Bachelor” is about the search for love, a vital part of one’s personal life! What in the hell was Rozlyn trying to say?I have a theory that when ABC casts the men and women who vie for the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette”‘s affections, there’s about a 30/70 ratio between those who are “sincere” about finding love on a reality TV show and those who are just there to be on TV and reap the rewards of that exposure. The network loves the latter for providing good looks and great drama — after all, they hire so many models and actors for a reason. My gut instinct says Rozlyn is a part of that 70 percent of women who are mainly on the show for fun and exposure and hey, if they fall in love with the handsome stud who’s the focus of the show, even better. But it’s not the main prerogative. And surely The Bach is hip to the fact that first and foremost, it’s a show that’s there to entertain — his happiness is the second priority.

If you have been cast, as I suspect Rozlyn was, to entertain and to look pretty and to flirt and to make the most of the attention because it might boost your career, why would your personal life be anyone’s business? After all, women like Rozlyn are there for professional reasons, not personal ones. Whatever her interaction with this mysterious ABC staffer, was it only deemed “inappropriate” because it threatened to expose “The Bachelor” for what it is really is — a hyper staged production where drama and ratings come first, and the search for love comes second?

Which, by the way, DUH. But kudos to Rozlyn for being the first to hint at the obvious.