Dresses With Built-In Corset Shapewear Get Male “Pulses Racing”

Shapewear is a wonderful (yet uncomfortable) invention. But for many, it brings about the irreconcilable Bridget Jones dilemma. Wear tummy-tucking device to increase chances of getting laid, only to terrify your partner with enormous panties? Or opt for sexy underthings that let all your junk hang out, therefore, decreasing one’s chances of finding a mate? Now there’s a company called Asda making dresses with corset-like shapewear built in to the garment (allowing the wearer to opt for whatever underthings she pleases). The vintage-inspired designs claim to suck it all in and take off inches. Interestingly, the Asda offerings might be the first in shapewear that are meant to actually play up one’s curves. So, by tightening your middle, your hips and breasts look more prominent. This, a psychologist explains to the Daily Mail, is a benefit women should reap: “Curves and the hourglass figure –without fail – trigger the male hormonal system, set pulses racing and play a major factor in the desire stakes of attraction.” What do you think? [Daily Mail]