With A Doormat Scale, You May Get Far Fewer Guests

Don’t like guests? Want to give people a reason to never come over and visit you? The Doormat Scale is the perfect solution! When potential visitors are forced to find out how much they weigh before setting foot in your house, you’ll never have to entertain again! Of course, designer Emilio Alarcón notes, “Not everyone will find the Doormat Scale amusing.” I know I would not. If I came face-to-face with the Doormat Scale, I would run screaming for my life. Purportedly, the point of this “welcome” mat scale is not to humiliate but to bring to the fore one of the taboos we would rather ignore. What if your weight were on the table, so to speak? Would everyone worry about how much they weigh anymore if everyone knew how much each other weighed? Either way, Alarcón notes, it’s a “conversation starter.” I’m just not sure that’s a conversation I want to have. [StyleFrizz]