Remote Control: What You’ll Want To Watch The Week Of January 11th 2010

Hold on to your seats (er, couches?) people, because this is a big television week. You’ll probably want to cancel your plans tonight so that you can watch the 100th episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” the episode of “The Bachelor” where Rozlyn gets booted for scamming on a producer, and the premiere of “Let’s Talk About Pep.” Oh, plus this week also brings the season premieres of “Southland” and “Project Runway.” After the jump, all the details.

The Show: “How I Met Your Mother”
Set Your DVR For: Tonight, 8 p.m. (EST), CBS
It’s finally here. The 100th episode of “HIMYM,” where we will (hopefully!) finally learn the identity of the titular mother, who will (hopefully!) be Rachel Bilson. Also, there’s a big dance number. Basically, don’t miss this.

The Show: “The Bachelor: Wings of Love”
Set Your DVR For: Tonight, 8 p.m. (EST), ABC
Tonight is the “biggest shock in bachelor history.” This could quite possibly be the most interesting episode of the season—when Rozlyn’s so-called “sexual affair” with a producer is revealed to Jake. Cue the tears.

The Show: “Let’s Talk About Pep”
Set Your DVR For: Tonight, 10:30 p.m. (EST), VH1
For anyone who misses “Sex and the City,” “Let’s Talk About Pep” should be a suitable substitute. It stars Peppa, of Salt-N-Peppa fame, and three friends out on the dating scene. Get ready for frank discussion of toe sucking and dating a dude who’s been in jail.

The Show: “[email protected]
Set Your DVR For: Tuesday, 9 p.m. (EST), PBS
You know how we at The Frisky love old people. So we’re very much looking forward to this documentary, about an old people’s chorus that sings everything from the Talking Heads to The Clash. Sweet beyond belief.

The Show: “Southland”
Set Your DVR For: Tuesday, 10 p.m. (EST), TNT
When NBC suddenly canceled this drama about rookie Boston cops (starring Ben McKenzie of “The O.C.”) right before its scheduled season premiere, I was pretty shocked. So I’m glad TNT has picked up the homeless series.

The Show: “Project Runway”
Set Your DVR For: Thursday, 10 p.m. (EST), Lifetime
Yeah, we don’t quite get how “Project Runway” is back for season 7 a minute after season 6 ended. But we’ll watch anyway.