Pamela Anderson At Rite-Aid And Other Sad Celebrity Appearances

On Jan. 23, Pamela Anderson will be making a very special appearance to sign bottles of her new fragrances, Malibu Blue and Malibu Pink. Guess where? No, not a mall. At two Philadelphia Rite-Aid stores! “I am a drugstore whore, I worship drugstores,” said Pamela, explaining the move. “You have to pull me out of them.” [NY Post]

Poor Pammy. She lives in a double-wide and now she’s forced to fly across the country to sign bottles of her perfume at a Rite-Aid? Don’t worry, though. She’s in great company with some other celebrities who’ve landed in less than classy joints to promote their products.

  • Way back when Jon Gosselin was still trying to keep up appearances (i.e., September), he signed autographs for fans at Frightworld Screampark in Amherst, NY. His talent agent wanted to make it perfectly clear that “under no circumstances,” would Jon be charging for his signature because, “He’s a family man.” Wait, when did Jon have fans? And why would anyone pay for his signature unless it was on a contract requiring him to disappear? Oh diss. [UPI]
  • I don’t know where this collab came from, but Disney star Demi Lovato hung out at an AT&T store in front of the Mall at Millenia in Florida for an hour to sign autographs for fans. I don’t care if AT&T sponsored her tour, I’d almost be happier if she did it at the Cheesecake Factory around the corner. At least then she’d be eating tasty apps instead of absorbing cell phone waves into her brain. [Orlando Sentinel]
  • The CEO of Hot Topic made a public apology to 700 fans who lined up outside of a mall to get a signature from Robert Pattinson during his Hot Topic mall tour. Apparently, wristbands were supposed to be given out at 7:30 a.m., but since people started lining up the night before—in the 30-degree rainy weather—they gave 500 out at 1 a.m. and turned everyone else away. Really? These people were prepared to wait eight hours in line just to have Robert Pattinson sign their Tiger Beat? Have some dignity, ladies! I wouldn’t have done that for JTT. [Icons Of Fright]