Katy Perry Might Be Preggers And Other Twitter Baby Rumors

twit preg katy and russell jpg
Even though I have yet to give Katy Perry and Russell Brand my blessing, it seems that they may have gotten themselves knocked up. At least, if you take the hints with her recent tweets. On January 1st, she wrote “Let me tell you 2010 is BUMPIN!” Presumably as in baby-bumpin, but who knows, maybe she’s talking about cocaine? Then on Friday she wrote to Russell, “Hey @rustyrockets i heard ur prego-ed,” which seems pretty blatant. This was followed by, “I WANT IN AND OUT,” before telling Russell “I love you … (awwwww barf!).” I guess because she talked about bumps, being prego-ed, food, and then barf, we’re supposed to assume she is with child. They did get engaged on New Year’s Eve so I guess a shotgun wedding isn’t out of the question? [People]

But what’s with Twitter being the new baby press release center for everyone? I thought that’s what tabloid covers were for? Now for some of your favorite Twitter pregnancy announcements/scandals.

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