Jessica’s Style Diary: Monday

What I’m Wearing Today:

  • Forever 21 flower barrette
  • Aqua for Bloomingdale’s white blazer with fab ’80s shoulder pads
  • Bluefly pink lightning T-shirt
  • Forever 21 jeggings
  • Baker’s boots
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs heart ring

Finding the perfect white blazer has been a hassle for me, one that actually dates back 10 months ago! Every year on my birthday, my mom takes me shopping and lets me pick something out, so last year I dragged her to an ADAM sample sale. I found a gorgeous white tuxedo blazer that fit me perfectly. It was only $45, probably marked down from $300 or something! But Mom totally guilt-tripped me and told me owning a white blazer would be a waste of dry cleaning money … so I let her mom-tastic common sense talk me out of it.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how badly I wanted that blazer, so the day after my birthday I took a taxi back to the ADAM sample sale and tried to find it. Unfortunately, they only had one left and it was a munchkin-looking size 2. But I bought it anyway. Fool! It never fit me, of course. I tried to stuff my arms in it once, but I could barely breathe. Now it’s sitting in my “to donate” pile—major bummer! Fortunately for me, this story has a happy ending: After Christmas this year, I returned an unwanted gift to Bloomingdale’s and had some money to spend. I found this great blazer for $98 in their Aqua line. Finally, after 10 months, I have a kick-ass white blazer.

The moral of the story: don’t let your mom talk you out of buying clothes you love, ever.