Jamie Jungers Joins Mistresses Anonymous

It always touches my heart when people support important, meaningful causes. So let’s all give a little golf clap for Jamie Jungers, one of Tiger Woods’ bedmates, who is getting involved with Mistresses Anonymous, a support group for ladies getting down with married men. The group is run by Sarah Symonds, who alleges that she did the no pants dance with chef Gordon Ramsay for seven years. On the group’s website, she writes, “I have been hearing from too many of you who have been ‘dumped’ when your MM’s [married man’s] wife found out about you (or when you told his wife about the affair yourself, as I did) and are breaking your hearts. Well, he is not worth it—and this is why I tell you NEVER fall in love with your married man.” Jamie obviously has a lot to say on this topic, and Symons thinks the two will team up on a project. But why stop there when the balance of the world is in your hands? “Ideally what I’d like to do is a TV special with all of Tiger’s mistresses, where they could discuss the downside to being ‘the other woman,'” Symonds said. “And whether he was good in bed.” Right, because that last part will certainly further the cause. But all kidding aside, while it won’t feed starving children, this group actually does sound like kind of a good idea. I have a friend who sometimes dates married men because they’re “less dramatic” than unmarried dudes and “are able to commit.” Only not very well and not to her. I’ve tried to tell her this, but it’s like talking to a brick wall. Maybe it would be different coming from someone who’d been there. [NY Post]