Is “21st Century Syndrome” A Real Medical Condition?

While some folks think it’s BS, the World Health Organization is officially recognizing a new stress disorder called “21st Century Syndrome” or Adrenal Fatigue. What are the symptoms, other than being alive in the 21st century? Fatigue, irritability, light-headedness, low libido, problems concentrating, digestion problems, excessive salt cravings, and increased susceptibility to coughs and colds. Sadly, this disorder is being called just another side effect of modern living. Womp womp. Adrenal Fatigue, which affects more women than men, is caused when our adrenal glands get way overworked. The adrenals are intended to release high levels of the hormone cortisol only during short-term periods of high stress. As in, “Help! I’m being chased by a bear!” But our modern lifestyles are necessitating more and more cortisol output just to keep up—as in, “My crazy boss wants this report done in ten minutes, my BF is being a jerk, and I’m late on the rent!”—causing the poor, little, walnut-sized glands to burn out.

While sufferers may not have obvious signs of physical illness, they go through their days with chronic stress and fatigue. Predictably, sufferers tend to consume coffee or other stimulants to get them through the day. Ummm … sounds a little bit familiar, huh? We’ll be hearing a lot more about “21st Century Syndrome” as reported cases have skyrocketed since the economy hit the skids. It is estimated that about one-third of people have some form of Adrenal Fatigue. Whoa! That’s like one out of the three people sitting in your cubicle section. If I had any energy left, I would advocate work reform. Fridays off! Three months of vacation! But I’m too tired and irritable to care. I think it’s time for another cup of coffee and some potato chips. [Daily Mail]

So what do you think? Is “21st Century Syndrome” a big problem or big BS?