French Fashion Police May Fine Women For Wearing Burqas

Whether or not you agree with Sarkozy’s so-called “Burqa Ban” in France (and judging from the comments on this post, you are a nation divided), anyone who’s ever felt demeaned for violating a dress code can relate to the idea that as a woman, being told what you can and can’t wear is oppressive, period. The latest strategy to enforce the controversial initiative will literally cost burqa wearers: The French government is voting on a proposal to not only ban burkas and niqabs, but to fine women who wear them €750, which is about $1090.00! We’ve already talked about how misguided this proposed ban is in the first place, but to echo writer Kate Faithfull’s sentiments: “The trouble is, if the government starts dictating what its people wear, where will they stop? And won’t passing a law that appears to directly attack Muslim beliefs just antagonize extremists?” []