Facebook Wages War On The Virtual Dr. Kevorkian

It’s officially gotten to that point in the lifespan of social networking where the promise has turned into a problem for some of us. If obsessive Facebook stalking, TMI Tweeting, and overall virtual insanity are truly affecting the quality of your real life, help is on the way in the form of a virtual suicide. A new site, Web Suicide Machine 2.0, which has already conducted over 900 painless online suicides, offers a Kevorkian-like end to your virtual existence. Created by a group of artists, designers, and programmers in the Netherlands, the site promises to permanently wipe out your Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Linked In accounts by disabling profile pics and passwords and setting you free from the psychological constraints of social networking. Gordan Savicic, the CEO—Chief Euthanasia Officer—of the organization said the idea “is to abandon your virtual life—so you can get your actual life back.”

But not everyone finds virtual suicide ethical, especially the friendly folks over at Facebook. They blocked the site last week on the grounds that the Suicide Machine violates their rules of user interaction. The company says it is “currently investigating and considering whether to take further action.” Considering that I am unable to log onto Suicide Machine’s site at the moment, I’m wondering if Facebook’s threats got the better of them. Or maybe they are just organizing their troops for what may prove to be a bitter battle for the fate of our virtual souls? [NPR]