Beauty Test Drive: DiorLiner Liquid Liner

So, you know how you put on eyeliner in the morning, trying to make it look subtle and work-appropriate, and you’re feeling good about the whole thing until you catch your reflection in the mirror around lunch time and throw up a little? No? Well, it happens when your liner is prone either to smudging below the lash line or obnoxiously transferring to the middle of your lids when you blink. Either way, it’s not cute and countless women fall victim to this problem daily.

In what we can only call a deeply selfless and humanitarian effort, The Frisky staff has been in tireless pursuit of eyeliner that solves this enormous problem.Most recently, we gave DiorLiner liquid eyeliner a go and are happy to say that it’s changed our eyeliner lives. The stuff comes in black, brown and plum (we tried plum), goes on easily for a liquid liner, sets in place and stays on for the day. Beyond that, we’re in full support of the slight shimmer in the plum color; it adds a bit of kick without looking trashy. All in all, nicely done, Dior. [$31, Dior, Nordstrom]