10 Gross Grooming Habits Girls Love

You heard it here first. Chicks are nasty. Guys do not have the monopoly on gross. To prove it, I have 10 real examples of odd, secret grooming habits women really enjoy.1. Flossing Taken To The Extreme

“If I have something in my teeth and don’t have floss handy, I’ll floss with a strand of hair. It works!”

“I bite my nails and have a habit of using my tongue to wedge the nail between my teeth, sort of like flossing.”

2. Fun With Hair Removal

“I’m a devout waxer who enjoys inspecting the razor bumps. I get really excited when I can squeeze out not only the hair, but also the follicle gunk. Then I have to inspect the gunk using my fingernail to separate it into little pieces.”

“Sometimes I like to tweeze with my finger nails instead of actual tweezers. Especially stray hairs on my stomach.”

“I kinda like to prod ingrown hairs and pick at them until it requires a tweezer excavation. It’s much more satisfying when you really have to search and then get the whole follicle.”

3. The Ally Sheedy Fan Club

“I have dry skin, and sometimes when cold weather hits, I get flakes on my scalp. I like to get in the bathroom with a fine-tooth comb (preferably black) and comb, comb, comb the flakes out, watching them fall. Sometimes, I even do it over a dark towel. It’s disgusting, yet mesmerizing. I’d be horrified if anyone else noticed the dandruff, but I love looking at it alone. The bigger the flake, the better.”

4. Skincare 101

“I like to trick boys into letting me squeeze their blackheads by any means necessary. Boys blackheads tend to be a helluva lot deeper and grosser…I found one once that tunneled in the ear and came back out 1/2 an inch above. I also like to watch YouTube videos of people popping zits or boils.”

“My old roommate and I used to sit on our bathroom counter getting blackheads until our faces looked like strawberries and the mirror was covered in gross.”

5. Picking & Peeling

“Picking dead skin off my feet — love it!”

“I love watching the skin come off my foot during a pedicure. I would probably pay just for that alone.”

“I have a serious problem whereby I bite my lips constantly. To the point that they are always pretty gross. I just find it so satisfying the way that skin comes off in little strips.”

Not to mention …

6. Peeling sunburns

7. Picking scabby head flakes

8. Smelling armpits

9. Picking ear crust and/or examining dirty Q-tips

10. Scraping tartar off teeth and tongue with fingernails

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