Slideshow: Celebs Get Jersey Shore Guido Makeovers

suriguido 10710 m jpg
Did you know Suri Cruise is a BIG lil’ fan of Mtv’s “Jersey Shore?” Well, she’s not…we are. Suri’s not even allowed to stay up that late. But the girl can even rock Snookie’s Guidette beehive and a serious tan, and she’s not even in grade school! Man, are we jealous of that poofage! And we just can’t wait to see what happens on the new episode tonight. The holiday reruns were like staring at your exes Facebook page, wondering if he’ll ever come back to you. It’s heart wrenching, and you’re not sure why you’re even watching again?! The wait is finally over. So, tonight, I’ll be tuning in at 10pm EST with Amelia as she liveblogs all the amazingness that is “The Jersey Shore.” But you know, over that long break, I started wondering, what if the whole world went Guido? See what life would look like, if all the celebs had access to the finest gels and self tanner around.
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