12 Foods That’ll Make Your Hair Shiny

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? It’s only four days into 2010, so hopefully the plans for a better lifestyle are still intact. If part of your new decade includes shaping up your diet (or um, looking hotter), then here’s a list you’ll be interested in. Of course we all know what you put in your mouth does more than simply sate you hunger-wise, but did you know that certain foods may actually make your hair shinier and healthier? Instead of ingesting capsule vitamins to meet your daily needs, get your fill of vitamins A, C, protein, omega-3 fatty acid, and alpha-linolenic acid with these foods and even Jennifer Aniston will have hair envy. Read on for your grocery list:

  1. Salmon for omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B-12, and iron
  2. Dark green vegetables for vitamins A and C
  3. Beans for zinc, biotin and iron
  4. Nuts for selenium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acid, and alpha-linolenic acid
  5. Poultry for protein
  6. Eggs for protein
  7. Whole grains
  8. Oysters for zinc
  9. Low-fat dairy products for calcium and protein
  10. Carrots for vitamin A
  11. Beef for protein, zinc, iron, and vitamins
  12. Brown short-grain rice for vitamin B and fiber

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