Woman Getting Married: The Holidaze Are Over

We took down the Christmas tree this week, along with all our holiday stuff (a penguin with a Christmas hat, a reindeer doing a split), which means the holidays are officially over.

The visit with the FIL (future in-laws) over Christmas went well for the most part, if you discount the fact that Future Husband and I both ended up in the Urgent Care center. Before we left for Ohio, FH had a 102 temperature. It was better the next day so we decided to make the drive up there, but he just never felt 100%. Then I came down with a tonsil infection … before you knew it, we were being seen by a tiny Indian doctor who thankfully prescribed us some antibiotics. Truthfully, FH and I both enjoyed the time away from the full house. This was the first time I’ve actually been happy to wait two hours in a waiting room. We just sat there joking around and reading magazines (FH read the latest issue of Farm and Ranch Living), semi-hoping we had the swine flu to make the holidays that much more interesting. After our visit, we dropped off our prescriptions, and grabbed lunch at the local Applebee’s while we waited. This was also the first time I’ve been happy to eat at an Applebee’s! It meant I could order a meal not made with butter or mayonnaise. I’m not insulting my FMIL’s cooking … in fact … it’s TOO GOOD. I didn’t know butter could make over-easy eggs taste that way.

Of course, I didn’t bring up the separate bedroom issue at all. We obviously didn’t stay in a hotel, but it turned out I didn’t have to share a bedroom with the brother’s girlfriend because it wasn’t spatially possible (unless FH wanted to share a bed with his brother, and that wasn’t happening). We had our own room, and the guys slept in various locations — FBIL downstairs with his other brother, FH on a couch in the living room … did I mention we forgot to bring the airbed we were supposed to?

We spent Christmas day around the house, and FH’s grandfather came over. He is truly such a sweet man. He gave FH the wedding bands he promised, and we had a moment of “holy s**t, what should we do?” despite having a vague plan before we got there, but he really didn’t press the issue. He simply said we can do with them what we want, which was great. The ring was way too small for me anyway since my fingers resemble E.T.’s. We gratefully accepted and thanked him for his generosity.

Now, we’re back home and back to the daily grind. I’m fully realizing now that I have to get my ass in gear with this wedding planning stuff. Friends of ours just got engaged on NYE, and they’re already looking at photographers for a July wedding! Eek. I don’t feel totally useless so far, I guess, since my mom is flying up next weekend and we’re going to scout out some locations a few hours’ drive from here. If we see anything worthwhile, I’ll take FH to check them out.

Sounds like a plan. I think.

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