Watch All The Documentaries You Want—It’s Free!

My little nerd heart is freaking out right now! Thanks to, I just discovered, a site where you can download full-length documentary films online. (It appears to be legal, as the site claims to “follow all copyright laws.”) They’ve got (relatively) big-budget docs like Michael Moore’s “Sicko,” Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me,” and Barbara Kopple’s “Shut Up And Sing” (the one that explored what happened to country stars The Dixie Chicks when one of them publicly criticized President Bush). The caveat? The flicks are mostly liberal-leaning.Jessica Nerd Fact: I’m actually a huge fan of documentary films and seriously considered pursuing higher education for documentary filmmaking after college. I watch lotsa documentary films, so here’s a list of my faves; obviously, I’ll link to the ones that screens for free:

  1. Born Into Brothels
  2. Jesus Camp
  3. “Steal This Film”
  4. “The Education Of Shelby Knox”
  5. “Street Fight”
  6. Outfoxed
  7. The United States vs. John Lennon
  8. “Man On Wire”
  9. “This Film Is Not Yet Rated”
  10. “Small Town Gay Bar”
  11. “The War Room”

If you also consider yourself a big doc fan, I wholeheartedly encourage you to join Ironweed Film Club, which mails you a doc once a month that you get to keep. Quite a few of the flicks on my list are ones I was exposed to through Ironweed and am thrilled to own and share. Check it out!

Did I leave any amazing docs out? Suggest ones I have to see in the comments.