Trailer Park: “Leap Year,” “Youth In Revolt,” And “Daybreakers”

It’s eight days into the new year and since one of your resolutions was to get out more (I know, I’m psychic), why not treat yourself to a movie night? Maybe popcorn would get in the way of that resolution to cut down on carbs, but what’s a movie without 400-1,200 calories of comfort? This week, get a tour of European countryside with “Leap Year,” see if Michael Cera is capable of playing someone besides himself with “Youth in Revolt,” or catch a glimpse of our vampire-ruled future with “Daybreakers.”

The Movie: “Leap Year”
The Trailer: A real estate exhibitor named Anna (Amy Adams) decides to fly to Dublin on February 29th to propose to because legend says that if a woman proposes on that day, the man cannot refuse. When crappy weather forced her plane to land in Wales, she pays a cheeky, boyishly handsome bartender (Matthew Goode) to drive her to Dublin. They run into all sorts of trouble forging across countryside, staying in inns, running into cows, and of course they kinda end up liking each other.
The Hitch: As a redhead, I feel like it’s my duty to support redheads in the arts, so I generally go to see every Amy Adams movie. The fact that Matthew Goode is breathtakingly hot is enough to seal the deal for me. Director Anand Tucker directed “Shopgirl” previously, but that wasn’t his fault—it was Steve Martin’s for casting himself in his own book-turned-movie. If you’re in the mood for a sexual tension-fueled chick flick, this will be just right.

The Movie: “Youth in Revolt”
The Trailer: Based on C.D. Payne’s 1993 cult favorite, Nick Twisp (Michael Cera) desperately wants to impress his worldly new neighbor Sheeni Saunders (Portia Doubleday) but, alas, she’s dating a sweater-shouldered suave prepster (Jonathan B. Wright). In an effort to appeal to her sophisticated bad boy desires, Nick creates an alter ego named François Dillinger who wears tight pants and sports a sleaze-stache. François convinces Nick to burn down half of Oakland and fake his own death.
The Hitch: The screenplay was penned by Gustin Nash (“Charlie Bartlett”), so expect teenagers talking like deliciously pretentious adults. And Michael Cera playing Michael Cera is no new thing, but Michael Cera playing Michael Cera playing François Dillinger could be interesting! I can’t imagine what we’ll do when Cera retires the hoodie and starts getting roles where he doesn’t play a shoe-gazing sissy.

The Movie: “Daybreakers”
The Trailer: It’s 2019 (not so far away, huh?) and most of humanity has been turned into vampires, thanks to some confusing plague. The humans that are left are hunted and farmed for blood but as the humans run out, so does the blood and when they don’t get enough blood, the vamps turn into really gross Bat Boy-esque creatures. Ethan Hawke is a sexy vampire researcher who’s trying to find a substitute for blood and gets coerced into helping some rebel humans (led by Willem Dafoe) who want to make the vampires human again.
The Hitch: Apparently, the whole movie’s a thinly veiled metaphor for our dependence on oil and depleting natural resources to feed our greed. All we need is someone to turn us back into humans so we can work on sustainability. In the year 2019, the vampires have been in power for 10 years already, which bothers me as a science-fiction fan, because it wouldn’t have hurt them to push the times back so that it was a more plausible dystopia. That’s why 1984 was written in 1949—to scare the bejesus out of us and give us a chance to pretend we’re going to be able to prevent the inevitable.