More Spanx For Men Hit Market

I’ve already told you my deep, dark sexy shapewear secret. But now it looks like the British version of Target, retailer Marks & Spencer, has come out with a line that gives men a good “spanxing.” The slimming BodyMax Shapewear undershirts feature tummy-sucking elastic and ergonomic panels to smooth love handles and moobs. The slimming T’s look just like the stuff fancy bikers wear, but they’re actually made similarly to women’s girdles, except the dude version is 100 percent cotton. A spokesperson for BodyMax says their shirts will shave an inch and a half off his waist, all for less than $20 a pair! Shoot, that’s at least half the price of shapers for women! It’s kinda funny that a century after women unleashed themselves from corsets, men kind of want them for themselves.Now, the genders are truly equal — at least underneath it all.

To see an actual, real life, hot-as-all-hell British guy try the BodyMax on, click on … P.S. It’s totes sexy, but SFW!

Yum! Love them redheads. But seriously, all you Frisky men and women, what do you think about these undershirts? [The Undershirt Guy]