Perfume Has A Carbon Footprint?

Makes sense, actually. Just something you probably never thought of.

Now there’s the first carbon-free fragrance, brought to you by Blue Marble Energy and Sweet Anthem perfumes. Working together, the environmental org and the perfumery came up with EOS, with a women’s version smelling of tea rose and sandalwood, and a unisex potion spiced with cognac and white ginger. While those odors sound pleasing, the carbon-free process to come up with them isn’t. Reports the Independent: “Staying true to its declared mission of replacing ‘oil with fully renewable, carbon neutral alternatives,’ Blue Marble commissioned the perfumers to use brewery waste – a not very appealing mix of “rancid beer grains, green algae and a ‘sludge’ consisting of 50,000 different kinds of bacteria” – instead of petroleum … “

Wow, maybe this is one of those cases where you’d just rather not know where your food perfume came from but enjoy it anyhow? []