Nevada OKs First “Prostidude” Ranch

The state of Nevada proved that they don’t discriminate. Officials have rubber stamped the Shady Lady Ranch, the first all-male bordello for female customers about 150 miles outside of Las Vegas. Yee-haw, cowgirls! But officials weren’t exactly kicking up their heels about the stud farm. Why? They’re concerned about the health risks for the young bucks … Evidently, it is customary for prostitutes to wash their Johns and check them for signs of disease before getting down. But “prostidudes” aren’t able to spot outward signs of STDs on their Janes’ lady bits as easily. Even with washing procedures, it could be much harder to spot STDs in female clients. That’s why officials are requiring the studs to wear condoms and undergo weekly STD tests. Ahem … shouldn’t everyone visiting or working at a brothel use protection and get STD tests? Obviously.

The proud owners of the ranch, Jim Davis and his wife, have already received over 100 applications from young, eager studs ready to ride. Ideally, Jim is looking for handsome men—not too old and not too young—who are ready to “entertain whatever lady walks in and be able to give her a fine experience.” Happy trails, ladies! [Las Vegas Review Journal]