I Have No Idea What To Make Of This Movie “Bitch Slap”

Wow. I didn’t know there could be as many cleavage shots in this 2:33 trailer for the new movie “Bitch Slap,” which is out in theaters and on demand today. It’s written and directed by Rick Jacobsen, who worked with infamous Troma films mastermind Roger Corman, and The Hollywood Reporter calls it a “post-feminist exploitation flick.” Even the film’s scantily clad stars seem to look at it that way. “It is a loving homage to the ’50s to ’70s exploitation films. We like to describe it as a thinking man’s exploitation film,” says Julia Voth, who plays Trixie. “It has all the elements we love, hot women, big guns, fast cars, actions of all kinds … But it takes it one step further by having a very smart script, filled with deep characters, and a really kick ass plot.” I dunno if I’m convinced. In fact, I’m kind of scratching my head on this one. What do you think? [Icon Vs. Icon]