Decode My Dream: Is My Mother Going To Die?

Two nights ago I had a nightmare. My dream started with my grandma being in the hospital. The doctor said she needed a transplant and my mom was willing to donate whatever she needed. They started doing the operation on her and then the doctor came out and told me that my mom had died during the procedure. I was crying and in grief, but then I saw my mom’s ghost and I was in shock. Immediately she started fading away. I woke up in tears and I was crying for a while. Last night my sister had a dream that my whole family died and it was just her, my cousin, and me left. She is seven. Then last night I dreamed of arranging funerals. Please help. I don’t understand the meaning of these dreams. – Scared For My Mom

I’m sorry about the terrifying dreams about your mother. Take a deep breath and put your mind at ease. It is very common to dream of a loved one dying and become frightened that it is some kind of omen. While there have been some freak examples of people having psychic death dreams, it is very, very rare.  

I often think of death or dying in a dream as a symbol of a certain phase in your life coming to an end. The fact that your mother dies during an operation seems to indicate that your relationship with her is changing significantly. What qualities about your mom do you wish you embodied? Do you depend on her too much? Not enough? For young women, there comes a point when you stop seeing your mother as the idealized person from your childhood and start to see her as a real person, with flaws. This moment in and of itself is a bit like a death.

Or perhaps your mother has gone through a change herself recently and you are getting to know her again in a new way. The death (life change) and the funeral (saying goodbye to the past) signify a major change in your relationship with your mother, but not an actual death.

Another possible explanation for the dreams could be that there is a stressful event going on in your house. It would explain why your sister had a death dream too. It’s possible that these dreams are a reaction to an illness, divorce, or something of that nature. But the fact that you are arranging funerals in your dream lets me know that you have the strength to accept these changes and move on toward adulthood. You are going to be able to handle everything just fine. If you feel comfortable, you may want to talk to your mom or someone close about any stress you’re feeling.

A word of advice: Don’t worry about your mom dying. She is still there for you. Focus on accepting and adjusting to new changes within yourself or in your life and I think you will be able to sleep more soundly.

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