Bra Called “Milkshake” To Make A Splash At Lingerie Show

The Paris lingerie show is later this month and organizers are expecting some extremely high-tech underwear this year. Some of the interesting innovations will include the Decollete anti-wrinkle bra, which we’ve talked about before, “that can iron out crinkly cleavages as a woman sleeps,” as well as ” a smart Slovenian brassiere whose foam cups expand with body heat when the wearer works out or flirts.” A bra that expands cup-size when the wearer flirts? Eh, wake me when there’s a bra that’ll do my dishes for me! Oh, and there’s also a French bra called Milkshake that will make an appearance at the show. Its fabric is made of milk proteins that contain 10 amino acids to hydrate the skin. With a name like “Milkshake,” I’d think it might do well in the “nursing mom” category. So, big question: would you wear any of these kinds of bras, and if so, how much would you be willing to spend? [via Yahoo]