Bikram Yoga Makes Dudes Harder, Stronger, Longer

We’re a little Bikram crazy here at The Frisky. Back in November, I completed my first “30-Day Challenge,” where you do hot yoga every day for a month straight, and since then, I’ve managed to rope Amelia and at least two more girlfriends into the twisted, sweltering world. The health benefits are numerous and almost immediately evident: Not only do you feel better, experience increased energy and, oddly, a craving for fruits and vegetables instead of cheeseburgers, as an off-and-on smoker, I’ve noticed subtle but markedly improved blood flow and circulation in my hands and feet and, yes, even the pelvic region.

Apparently, some guys have too, and it’s even more pronounced. Like, way more. While I’ve been begging my yoga-resistant boyfriend to come to class with me and try it out, now I have some more persuasive ammunition for the cause: After hearing that some of their male friends were experiencing increased erection size, Asylum spoke with Bikram Yoga NYC guru Donna Rubin, who revealed the following “big” news:

“‘Gaining an inch in your pants for every two you lose in your waist’ is a fairly common expression among fitness trainers, who share the notion with their clients as a motivator. Excelling at Bikram will undoubtedly make you healthier, and one sizable — no pun intended — benefit to better health is better sex.”

She also explained that practicing Bikram naturally increases circulation-improving nitric oxide production in the body, which is basically what Viagra does. While Asylum also points out that guys could get stoked to go to yoga class because of all the hot chicks with great figures that will be there, I would add this: The dudes that have been practicing for a while in my Bikram classes have the sickest bodies. Think ballet dancer mixed with a soccer player with a swimmer’s torso. Yum. Who knew they were also packing so much, heh, heat, too? [Asylum]