Beauty School Reality TV Pitch Backfires, Big Time

Andy Warhol’s “15 minutes of fame” prediction has certainly panned out, and the accessibility of some any degree of stardom puts dollar signs in people’s eyes and motivates them to make crazy, horrible moves (like Balloon Boy’s parents!). Students at an Alameda, California beauty school feel burned, and it has nothing to do with all those chemicals lying around. That’s because they got hold of a rather insulting TV pitch:

“The students are mostly inner-city, unwed mothers taking advantage of government subsidies for a better life. The instructors can’t find any other job that offers ‘bennies’ [benefits]. The new owners are white, naive suburbanites bleeding cash and trying to keep it all under control.”

Cute! Not. More after the jump …The document, which also names specific students and labels them as “thieves, prostitutes, ‘ghetto’ or foul-mouthed people,” has been registered with the Writers Guild of America by the very same “white, naive suburbanite” owners, Roger and Tracy Becker. But even if the show somehow gets green lighted, they’ll have to find new stars. The current students are so pissed they’ve threatened to stage a protest. [KTVU]

Disgusting, right? Actually, sounds like just about the perfect brew for a new hit reality show.

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