Yoko Ono Will Write Her Memoir Before 2015

The thing I remember most about my lame boyfriend from sophomore year of college was his seething hatred of Yoko Ono. According to my ex, the Beatles were the most brilliant band in the world and they only broke up because some hussy brainwashed John Lennon. I just ignored that quirk in his personality at the time. Eventually, though, I realized the Frothing At The Mouth To Blame Yoko For Everything Wrong In The World bandwagon is cuh-razy! (Read Can’t Buy Me Love by Jonathan Gould if you don’t believe me.) Lucky for us, Yoko Ono will finally set the record straight with a memoir that the 76-year-old hinted will debut before 2015. I bet you this book sells better than Sarah Palin’s or Hillary Clinton’s! The as-of-yet untitled book promises to dish about “the duo’s intense relationship, the myths surrounding her role in the Beatles’ break-up, the bed-in for peace, Lennon’s infamous ‘Lost Weekend’ and more,” according to Rolling Stone. Why the long lead time until publication, though? Ono says she can’t a spare moment to write—a fabulous indicator this celebrity will actually write her own book herself! [Guardian UK]