What’s Your Socialite Name?

Hello, dear! Muffy Spencer here. I presume you already know your guido or guidette nickname (not that we associate with those sorts of people) but do you know your most important socialite name? Anyone who’s anyone simply has to have one!

After the jump, check out the Socialite Name Chart and see if you can figure out the real names of the Frisky staff.According to the Socialite Name Chart, we are:

  1. Plum Bouvier
  2. Tippy Tisch
  3. Georgina Spencer
  4. Tinsley Vanderbilt
  5. Lydia Bronfman
  6. Stanton Kensington
  7. Celerie Darlington
  8. Bee Casirgahi-Archer

Put your guesses in the comments! And lest you think these names are an exaggeration, my WASP-tastic parents are friendly with a real-life person named Muffy Buffington. I wish I were kidding. [Guest Of A Guest]