Trend Alert: Imperfect Nudes?

nakey beth ditto love jpg
We’ve been seeing a lot of naked chicks lately. No, we aren’t “switching teams,” we’ve just been buying our usual high fashion magazines. Cover after cover features a naked super model or plus sized pop star and we’ve got to ask: Is bare the new black? It could very well be a new appreciation for the genuine female form following Dove’s real beauty campaigne, multiple anorexia memoires (think Hungry, by Crystal Renn and Skinny, by Ibi Kaslik), and airbrushing scandals (cough, Demi Moore’s W cover, cough). Then again, as Tracy Clark-Flory asks in a article, “Do “real” women really need to take off their clothes to show other “real” women what “real” women look like?” The fact remains that our magazine racks have never held so many pictures of fleshy poses and un-shopped photos. This Beth Ditto cover is one example of the unconventional editorials.
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