Today’s Lady News: All The Single Ladies (Buy Their Own Homes)

  • In the past 12 months, single gals were 21 percent of new home buyers while single men were just 10 percent. However, married couples are still the number one group of new home buyers. [New York Times]
  • Anti-abortion protesters outside a clinic in Louisville, Kentucky, have been photographed wearing fake escort vests so as to trick people going into the clinic to think that they, the protesters, are actually there to help. [Feministing]
  • Run, Amy, run! Over the holidays, Amy Palmiero-Winters, 37, became the first woman with a prosthetic leg to win a title in a race. Palmiero-Winters lost her left leg from the kneecap down in a 1994 motorcycle accident, but her disability didn’t prevent her from running in the Boston Marathon and a NYC triathlon. On New Year’s Day, while competing with able-bodied athletes in the Arizona Road Racers run, she beat the male winner by 14 miles and the second-place female winner by 36 miles. [Bust Magazine]

  • An op-ed columnist for the Christian Science Monitor wrote a piece which argues that a state law requiring a woman to have an ultrasound before she has an abortion would actually be good for “choice.” Writes Zach Krajacic, “A video would ensure that women have full knowledge of the procedure they are about to undergo.” Uh huh, because women don’t have “full knowledge” otherwise. Krajacic also wonders, “How much choice does a woman have if she is not aware of all the facts?” Way to co-opt the word “choice,” dude. Listen, if anyone actually thought getting an ultrasound before terminating a pregnancy was in a woman’s best interest, pro-choicers would support it. [Christian Science Monitor]
  • Mary Daly, a feminist theologian, passed away on Sunday at age 81. Daly was one of the first women to train as a Roman Catholic theologian, but her radical lesbianism often put Boston College, the Jesuit school where she worked, ill at ease. You don’t say! [New York Times]
  • Pennsylvania will vote on whether to abolish the practice of shackling women while they are giving birth. Seems unnecessarily cruel to me, especially since so many women are doped up on epidurals anyway. [BBC]
  • Worchester, Massachusetts, is considering denying Planned Parenthood from advertising on city buses because it refuses ads for “tobacco, alcohol, politics or religion.” (PP is actually licensed in the state by the Department of Health.) Sorry, I didn’t realize my last pap smear was supposed to be a religious experience. I feel cheated! [Telegram]
  • The New York Times spoke with Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), supporter of the infamous Stupak-Pitts Amendment in the health care reform bill, regarding how he’s defied the rest of the Democratic Party regarding abortion. [New York Times]
  • The Kennedy family supports Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley to fill the Senate seat left vacant by Sen. Ted Kennedy’s recent death. If Coakley, a Democrat, beats her competitor, she will become the first female senator in MA state history. [Boston Globe]
  • Three federal agencies control approximately $3 billion dollars from a federal stimulus program which specifies some of the money should help victims of domestic violence in “shelter house” housing. But despite transparency requirements, women’s groups are finding it is difficult to keep tabs on how governmental agencies are spending the dough. []
  • Here’s a shocker: a group called Republicans For Choice actually spends very little money supporting pro-choice candidates. [Talking Points Memo]


  • The chief justice of Canada’s Supreme Court is a woman. Who knew?!?! Beverley McLachlin talks about life on the bench. [Globe & Mail]
  • France’s liberal Socialist Party is speaking out against a potential French law to ban the wearing of the burqa. The Socialists would instead prefer women are simply discouraged from wearing the body-covering veil. []
  • Two cousins, ages 14 and 13, died in a mid-air collision with their instructors while flying small planes in the U.K. on Sunday. Very sad, indeed, but teen girls learning to fly airplanes is pretty cool. [Daily Mail]
  • Sham marriages in the U.K.: They’re hot right now. [BBC]